FX Buckley Restaurant EposWith F.X. Buckley when you combine the quality of their beef with the mastery of our chefs, the real magic happens. Whether you want a fine dining experience or a world-class burger and beer, they serve you something very special indeed.


For over six generations the Buckley family has built a reputation as purveyors of quality meats. Starting out as butchers, they now operate some of the nation’s favourite steakhouses, gastro-pubs and bars.



Our POS systems ensure that the operation of these establishments run as smoothly as possible. Communication is essential when processing orders and our ordering system ensures that the chef knows exactly how the customer likes their steak cooked.



The cloud based POS management system means all the restaurants are controlled from a single location. Stock control ensures that they are kept up to date with all of their stock inventory and with the many reports available in the reports suite, they are kept up to date with how each location is performing.


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