Esquires customers have a discerning palate who appreciate not only a great coffee, but are also conscious of its origins and how it is produced. They are abundantly aware of the needs of worldwide communities and have chosen to support the worldwide coffee community by only buying and serving our customers with 100% Fairtrade and Organic Coffee.


With multiple branches, it is essential that Esquires Coffee Houses are all connected as a network of POS systems in constant communication with each other as well as the head office system. Menu changes can be applied across the board for each site from the head office saving time while ensuring uniformity across each POS. The head office system can also run a wide variety of reports for individual branches or for all of the branches combined.


Esquires’ loyalty scheme is hugely popular among customers. With the head office system, Loyalty cards are tracked and synchronized with all sites so when a new loyalty card is created in one branch, it can be used in other branches too with loyalty points kept up to date. Gift cards are also kept up to date with balances synchronized between all sites.


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