Brambles big

The first Brambles Café opened in 1998 in the old Dundrum Shopping Centre and still operates today. Brambles is Family owned and Family operated. Since then they have grown to over 20 Cafes around Dublin and further afield. After developing a  reputation for handmade, honest and delicious food, they also opened their first award winning restaurant in Terenure in 2008.





With more than 20 cafes, being able to have full administrative control over each point of sale is essential. Our cloud based solution means management can control every aspect of each point of sale from a single location. Whether changing prices, adding new menu items or adding new operators, everything is done on the cloud. Changes can be applied to all locations or just specific locations depending on preferences. Making these changes on the cloud means less down time for the POS.


With the cloud based reports suite, multiple reports are available for each location or for all locations as a whole. Each location constantly syncs it’s data to the cloud meaning reports are always up to date.


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