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Over the years we have learnt that using only top quality ePOS hardware, manufactured by world leading companies such as Aures, Dell & Epson, greatly reduces downtime of units resulting in alot less stress for our customers. This partnered with some of the most reliable, feature rich ePOS software available in todays market makes Costa Systems an obvious choice when choosing your ePOS supplier.

During the installation of your system, we provide detailed training with staff of all levels within the organisation. Detailed manuals on the system are also provided, with ongoing updates of both software and manuals available from the customer login section of our website.

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Hardware & Software Support

Costa Systems gives you support straight from the team who installed your system. Direct and immediate fixes can be provided via remote access for most issues, while web conferencing facilities enable staff to be trained without the delay and cost of scheduling an on-site visit.

Any support issues not immediately resolved on first contact are recorded and tracked in our dedicated call management system to ensure consistent and effective resolution. Hardware repairs are never carried out on the customer’s site. In the event of a hardware failure we immediately replace equipment, this ensures as little inconvenience to the site as possible.

Proactive Approach

All our systems are equipped with the unique HSD (hardware status display) System. HSD is a unique system management platform for monitoring and receiving data on the status and condition of all our EPOS Terminals.

Therefore the system will email our support desk immediately if a problem is about to occur with the hardware. This unique tool enables us to be onsite to repair or replace a damaged terminal before the customer even knows a problem is about to occur.

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Maintenance & Backups

As with any regular computer system, keeping your EPoS software and hardware up-to-date and well maintained is essential. The importance of having backups cannot be overstated, once you begin to rely on your EPoS system to record data, ensuring the survival of that data is vital. How you plan on protecting your data is something that you should think about from the start.

Data should be backed up off site, using a 3rd party service or by using a pen drive which you take offsite everyday. A good backup strategy will include regular backups of incremental data (that is data that has been updated since the last backup). Additionally, you should always have a set of historical backups, so you can go back to an older back if your incremental backups become corrupted.

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