ExpertPOS for Retail and Hospitality
A complete and comprehensive EPOS touch software solution

Retail ePOS system

We help businesses grow. Offering a complete EPOS solution that integrates payment acquiring and mobile top-up, as well as other value added services. Costa ExpertPOS has changed the way tens of thousands of pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, retailers, and dry-cleaners go about their business.

By connecting key business operations through a single, easy to use software system, Costa helps you work more efficiently and effectively, reducing overheads and maximising profits.

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Key Features:
  • Integrated solution complete with card payment acquiring and mobile top-up
  • Complete solutions tailored to meet all your EPOS needs, whether one till in a single location or multiple tills across several sites
  • Builds, module by module, into a comprehensive suite of tools and services
  • Tens of thousands of licences sold worldwide
  • Compatible with leading Windows PC-based tills
  • Touch screen or keyboard operation
  • In excess of 75 built-in back-office business reports
  • Multiple reporting functions and X or Z readings
  • Built-in staff-training mode
  • Easy set-up backed by an expert support team

Finance Available

Costa Systems offer finance on all of our pos systems for retail stores.

Call now on 0818 200 925 for details on finance.

Modules Available

Management Control
Table Planner
Costa Integration (hospitality)

Management Control
CES Integration (stock)
News round

Management Control
Caller ID

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    Simplified network setup

    When setting up a multi till network, Costa ExpertPOS automates the process of sharing the data on the master. Also locating and mapping to the master from each slave with a wizard type setup form. Offline operation using the Costa ExpertPOS UNC is automatically configured on by default. If you choose to set up the network manually, it is necessary only to set a single path to the master – all other paths are set up automatically, though the option to configure non-standard setups remains available.

    Create your own package

    The core Costa ExpertPOS software builds, module by module, into a comprehensive suite of complementary tools for smarter working. The beauty of the package is that you can mix and match these add-ons to suit the different needs of your business at any particular stage of its growth. It makes it easier to manage your cash flow, too.

    Screen Designer

    Costa ExpertPOS features a drag and drop screen designer, which allows the flexible user interface to be configured easily, quickly and intuitively. It greatly reduces the time required to set up a customer’s sales screens.

    Information: the lifeblood of business

    Whether you want a quick financial overview or a detailed, department-by-department, sales breakdown, Costa ExpertPOS lays out the facts and figures that affect your bottom line in easy to assimilate formats.

    Expert at EPOS

    We started work on our first Windows®-based product in 1997, and have been at the forefront of EPOS development ever since. We are not software developers who dabble in EPOS, we are dedicated EPOS software developers — expert at what we do. This means you’re not just purchasing a market- leading product, but also benefiting from the service and support of the leading EPOS experts.

    Get growing

    Costa ExpertPOS software is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Whether you have one till or multiple points of sale across several sites, you can create a bespoke solution unique to your particular commercial requirements.

    Breadth of functionality

    The unrivalled range of functionality of Costa ExpertPOS allows it to support businesses throughout the retail, hospitality and specialist industries, from small single till all in one solutions, to large multi till, multisite installations. One package offers all the EPOS and management functionality you require including advanced stock control, customer loyalty and account management. In addition to integrations to a wide range of other systems including caller ID, hotel management and head office systems.

    Quick and easy product setup

    The most commonly used fields in setting up products are grouped onto an optional, single tab in the product maintenance form, allowing most products to be set up quickly and without visiting multiple forms.

    Resilience to network outages

    Network outages are a fact of life in multi till installations. The Costa ExpertPOS – ‘UNC’ offline operation facility radically minimises the impact of these outages. Where a network outage is detected, the operator is offered a choice to retry or drop into offline mode. When the network connection resumes, Costa ExpertPOS will detect this and prompt to return online. Any features that cannot be carried out when offline (e.g. management of tables by slave tills) will be gracefully blocked. Where interrupted transactions are in progress on multiple tills by multiple operators, these are automatically converted into ‘layaway’ transactions when the tills go back on line, allowing service to pick up with minimal disruption.


    Automatic Backups

    Costa ExpertPOS includes a facility to back up data at key points – before any upgrade, and after each end of day. These backups can be to the local machine or to the Costa own online backup server, for the added security of off site backup with no administrative overhead.

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    Why Costa Systems

    business analytics epos

    Business Analytics


    Customised Solutions

    stock control epos

    Stock Control

    Chip and Pin

    Chip & Pin Payments

    Costa Software provide a comprehensive range of solutions designed specifically for retail and hospitality businesses of all sizes. Solutions designed for EPOS hardware, mobile computing and apps for tablet PCs.

    Software designed for the dealer market. Expert is the most comprehensive software suite in the Costa range. An integrated suite of front and back office solutions for a broad range of hospitality and retail applications. Top quality POS systems for retail stores .

    Costa ExpertPOS is a complete and comprehensive EPOS touch software solution. Providing flexible sales, stock, customer and loyalty management with powerful back office functions to run your business efficiently, with deep industry specific features for a variety of vertical markets. Discover an unrivaled breadth of functionality.

    Costa Expert Multisite enables head office to monitor, report on and analyse all sales activity and stock level changes at each and every site within the business.

    Costa Expert Web Reports builds on the real time data accumulated by Expert Multisite, providing up to the minute business information from any browser anywhere in the world.

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